Work Complete and More!

Chris Van Deelen

Can I honestly say that the mutation manuals are finished?


The edits won’t take all that long to complete, but at long last I will be ready to send them off to Michael O. Varhola in the next few weeks!

I have gone through a ton of material for inspiration and wrote up hundreds of new mutations to use in your OSR game. The books are far better and literally cover every single mutation which have appeared in the various editions of Gamma World, and far more.

This has been a real labor over the past couple of months, but I was determined to see it through before I got back to work, and now it’s done.

It feels pretty damn good, but it will feel FAR better once I see the end product as PDF and in print.

Does this mean I’ll be trying to finish the Robot and Power Armor book next? That’s a big maybe. I really would love to get all these multi-year projects out of my hair once and for all.

Thing is, I still need to finish the weapons compilation and need to begin work on splitting up the 300 creatures from my conversion work. Not sure how many books that will require, but I will have to think about it.

Although personally I would much rather see my mutation books out first, at least that way I don’t have to copy and paste the various rules for Power Score and so on, or write up mutations without using those rules.

Anyhow, the major work is complete!

Here is the final tally:

Physical Mutation Manual - 90,203 words, 237 pages.

Mental Mutation Manual - 79,228 words, 201 pages.

Plant Mutation Manual - 48,072 words, 126 pages.

And I have sent Mike my Nanotech Undead book again. It’s less than 30 pages, and it’s been fully edited once, so really all that is required is for Mike to format it and choose some art for the interior.

I also will be pushing him to get my Monk Magic Item book ready for publication, as well as my own 100 oddities found in a car.

As long as things work out, we should see a hell of a lot of books FINALLY coming out over the next year.

No one’s fault but my own for the major delays.

I finished reading Caliban’s War – book two of the Expanse series. It picks up about a year after the events which unfolded in the first novel, with the survivors still together, now working for OPA, taking out pirates and other scum.

And as one would expect, they end up getting pulled into another potentially system-changing mission, which seems to involve the proto-molecule and a group of sixteen missing children.

An excellent read and yes I want to read the next one but I really need to clean off my shelf before I jump into the next one – although I did purchase several of the short stories that were available, bridging the gaps between the novels.

Seems I’ve chosen a lot of really long novels recently to read, as I have not managed to finish my latest either! I will be ready to talk about it next week.

One thing I have always maintained is the fact you can like anything at all, and still like other things.

There has been decades long argument on which is better... Marvel or DC, Star Trek or Star Wars, plus tons of other fandom.

This doesn't have to be the case. You can like something AND like it's rival. You can enjoy Marvel and DC, and so on.

In my case, yes - I am far more a Marvel fan than DC. I read only two DC titles. And yes I am a million times more a fan of Star Wars than I am of Star Trek.

Thing is, each has its strengths and weakness.

I can like, and do like both. I just happen to have preferences, that's all.

Oh and thank Star Wars Rebels for this post. I finished episode six of season two today and it just keeps growing on me with each passing episode.

While I’m thinking about it, I am tempted to write up a few extra New Mutant Monday creatures over the next few weeks, so that when January 1st, 2017 rolls around, I can start on Series three. I’m pretty damn close to the halfway mark as it stands right now, but I won’t lie – I’m not sure if I want to put in the extra effort… I really want to get back into writing stories once again.

Here are last week’s entries… The Elemental Equine and Glowing Thirst.

For those of you who love the Kos campaign setting, you can get a revised and revamped version of Encounters! If you don’t have this great publication already, you really, really need to pick it up and add it to your collection!

Oh yeah and something I have neglected to do for quite a while is post the weekly D-Infinity podcast. This week the guys took on the d6 Collaborative Setting Creation Challenge. As always it is really worth your time to watch.

Last week I did discuss purchasing Campaign Cartographer Three Plus and I still have every intention of learning how to use it, but trying to get the mutation manuals complete kept me from accomplishing this task. We shall see what the next few weeks hold. I really want to learn this program so I can create some maps.

I just wish Window’s 10 didn’t screw up my system so damn bad I had to give up on Dunjini the way I did.

This is typically the part of my blog where I discuss movies and show’s I’ve watched. My beautiful and tolerant wife and I finished season 4 of The Walking Dead and are already several episodes into season 5.


Seeing Hershel Greene killed was one of the hardest scenes to watch in a long time. He was such a great character.  Damn near burst into tears when it looked like the Walkers ended up getting Judith, but I took savage delight in seeing the Governor get what he had coming, although it did look like for at least a few episodes he had changed his ways.

It was good to see the introduction of a couple of new characters and the return of Carol, but what the writers put her through with the two girls she ended up adopting? Holy brutal as hell… And sad, so damn sad.

I do love how the characters continue to grow as they have, and especially the relationships between them all, as they were trying to find their way to possible sanctuary in The Terminus.

As much as I want to continue watching it, I REALLY need to watch Wayward Pines Season 2.

And that’s a wrap for this week folks.

Have a great week and I hope you all enjoy the August long weekend!