Swords of Kos, ARQ, and Invasion Colorado

Chris Van Deelen

Another week has come and gone and there is an noticeable change in the air. I have checked the long-range forecast and this week alone it is looking a lot like fall is creeping up closer and closer.

The simple fact is that by my next blog, it will officially be fall!

Which means Halloween is only around the corner, and then the dreaded Black Friday and Christmas.

Scared yet?

This marks another week of no progress with my projects. Frankly I have been too tired after work to do anything! That really sucks badly, and it annoys me. I need to change this, and get back into better shape so I’m not so damn tired.

On the upside after several years of working on it, the guys at Skirmisher have finally finished the Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting, which is a whopping 360 pages in length!

This has to be the crowning achievement when it comes to the companies various source books, and is without a doubt the largest book they have produced. This takes all the books for the Kos setting and compile it in one location, so if the size of the book is daunting, you can easily purchase the separate books from Drivethrurpg.

Congratulations guys!

Once I get used to the hard work my job has inflicted on me and I’m not so damned tired, I will be putting the effort into writing up all the monk magic items for Pathfinder, and that is what I am hoping will be my next book to be sold through Skirmisher. After that, hopefully the 100 oddities found in the trunk of a car, and then my three mutation books. Those have to be polished up and published before the various creature books will be.

Doing so will free up a great deal of space in the creature books and prevent the repetition of many mutations.

And this week marks nine more to go for me to write up three entries for New Mutant Monday. Of course last week I wrote up and posted Wasupu Tara, Sup Salam-ui, and the Gyakuryu. As usual three more will go up tomorrow.

Last week I finished the novel Invasion Colorado. The third in a series called Invasion America in which China has managed to gain a foothold in Mexico and uses that as the base to launch a massive invasion of the States. It was a well written and enjoyable novel and if you like military fiction, then I would really recommend it.

The fact I managed to feel sympathy for the enemy soldiers in the novel is a sign of a good writer!

I couldn’t quite finish the second novel I started, but I’m sure I can finish it tomorrow and then start on a new book later in the afternoon. So many to choose from, I’m not sure which to read next!

Oh on a very personal note, my friend and teacher Terry Friesen gave my son his full black belt on Friday night. The belts my son and I both have are still considered full black, but they’re known as instructor black belts, as they have a white stripe. It’s kind of a formality which means we’re black belts but we still have a little more to learn before we’re full blacks.

When you consider my son has been in well over a hundred fights (he works as a bouncer) and has never, ever thrown the first hit, he has more than earned his full black. I could not be prouder of my boy!

I’m content to wait until I get my full black, which probably won’t happen until next year, which is more than fine by me. I’m the head instructor at our studio at any rate and it is more of a formality. I certainly have not been in the same number of fight’s as my son, and I hope I never have to use my skills.

Oh yeah, next week is Edmonton’s expo! This will mark the first time in over a decade of going to the expo’s in Alberta I will not be getting a photo with any of the guests… the few I was interested in I already have.

So it’s a single day visit for me, and unlike last year, I’m not going to take my niece and nephew. It’s going to be my wife and son and that’s it.

I still hope to have a good time there. I was waffling if I was going to bother with my armor, and I decided I will indeed wear it this year. After all, I need to show off all the autographs on it!

My wife and I watched a Netflix original movie last night. This movie is called ARQ and is essentially a ‘groundhog day’ movie, with the two main characters waking up time after time at 6:16 AM. They have to deal with a group who has broken into their home looking to steal cash.

There are a lot of twists and turns and a few unexpected challenges, and it was obviously produced on a fairly low budget as they really had only a single set. Still it was an engaging and entertaining movie which left you guessing as to what was happening and if they really could change things or not.

Worth watching.

And that’s it for this week. A shorter blog than typical, but I know most won’t complain, as sometimes I can get quite long-winded.

At least I’m staying out of political commentaries and the like!

So until next Sunday, stay happy and try not getting stressed out over the impending election, since most of my readers are American!