Short and to the Point!

Chris Van Deelen

Here's the deal: 

I'm slowly getting back to working on a couple of projects.

I still have to finish a short story which I started, but have not had the time due to not being able to take a single lunch break during the past three weeks.

I also need to get back to writing the untitled novel which I mentioned back in December. I had to wait for several factors to come to a close before I could get back to it.

Also I have been slowly — and I do mean slowly converting the monk magic items to pathfinder. In fact I posted a bunch of them, all Acupuncture needles, last week.

I'll probably post more tomorrow.

Originally the book was supposed to be for OSR games, but after a lot of talking and soul searching, I have decided I am absolutely finished with OSR design.

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will know I've discussed how little money is to be made from the material, so I am far better off producing for Pathfinder - which is of course what I am doing.

So those of you, the few who do like my OSR material, sorry!

Also after talking to my editor Mike, I will eventually get around to converting the 500+ monsters I created over the past six years to Pathfinder AKA Starfinder. I was going to post something this week, but truth be told, I just couldn't get around to doing so.

Maybe next week.

Um... lets see... for those of you who like my brief reviews of books and so forth I have read, watched, and so forth, I guess I'll briefly cover a couple.

I did finish Season 3 of Z-Nation. It got more than a little confusing, but at the same time I did like how the writers have started bringing in more 'factions' into the show, like the Enders and the Red Hand. This season also saw some really confusing changes to Murphy - which I'm still trying to puzzle together, and why Warren and the others were so dead-set against him making these changes.

And Spoiler alert...

He spent pretty much all of season two turning into a living zombie, which plays a huge role in season 3, but at the same time, it seems to be reversing and he's turning human.

Very confusing.

Speaking of zombies, I read a trilogy called the Extinction Cycle by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. I finished the first 3 novels of this series. It is pretty good, I certainly liked it a lot more than the Orb novel by the same author.

It's a zombie series, with a ebola-like plauge infecting millions of people and turning them into mindless cannibals. In the first novel a scientist is able to create a virus which wipes out 90% of these creatures, but the remaining 10% are able to survive and begin to undergo drastic and deadly changes.

Lots of action, and I do recommend it.

The other novel I finished and will mention is Breakwater: The Tide series book 2 by Anthony J. Melchorri. This is another zombie-style novel, but the creatures are called Skulls, and are typically deadly creatures with heavy growths of bone covering their bodies and of course they are canniablistic. 

The protagonists are searching for a possible cure to deal with the piron disease which turns the victims into mindless eating machines. Lots of action, although I really don't care about the characters all that much. Still, I do recommend it if you want a different take on the typical zombie novel.

Oh and if you love action, see John Wick, chapter 2. Instead of it being a purely revenge movie like the first one (never kill a man's puppy and steal his car), this one is all about a mobster calling in a marker, forcing John to continue his life of brutality and killing.

I love the action in the movie, and even my wife was really impressed and enjoyed it.

Double-tap is your friend.

I really recommend this one!

And yes I have continued working with my 3D printer. I finally got around to sanding and gluing together the rebel pilot helmet, although it's going to take a lot of filler! And of course it won't fit on my head, but that's okay, once I have it painted and finished, it'll be just for carrying as a prop.

I still need to get around to finishing my Motion Tracker, although I did begin painting Poe Dameron's blaster. I also primed the Chirrut Imwe props and even found the STL files for his staff, although if I want to print it I have to figure out how to cut several of the pieces in half in order to be able to print them on my printer.

And that's it.

I can't promise a blog next week, but we shall see.