Numerous novels and novellas, kickstarters and update on life in general

Chris Van Deelen

This really isn’t what I had planned on happening! I had intended on writing up a blog last weekend, but several factors prevented this from happening. First, I went to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo on Saturday.

Secondly, I had to write up my usual New Mutant Monday entries and I was so tired and so damn busy on Sunday I barely had any time to write up two of them.

Then to make matters worse, I had to put in serious overtime on Monday and as such I could not post the entries as I typically would have!

So that is the reason I never posted a blog last week.

I have news to report though and its good news on my part. I ended my previous job on Tuesday. Enough was enough for me. I’m in my late 40’s and although I’m in pretty damn good shape for a man my age, doing a job which was essentially a moving job was far too much for this old man to handle.

I quit.

I had expected it would take a while for me to find a replacement job, but much to my shock and delight, the day I quit I received an email from a company which I had not applied to. They got my resume from another company!

I started my new position on Thursday and it is exactly what I had been hoping to do for the past 7 months.

In the end, things worked out exactly as I had hoped they would.

There you have it. The story of what has been happening the past week and why I did not bother with a blog.

Things are back to normal however!

Since I brought it up, here are the past few weeks entries for New Mutant Monday! Squifungi, Owbeark, Kakushitsu Savage, Xanarachs, Kowl and the Beetle Bats. I already have my next three ready for tomorrow!

Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to finish off a plethora of novels, but the majority of these were actually novella’s… specifically three from James S. Corey, set in his expanse universe. They were The Churn, Vital Abyss, and Gods of Risk. All were set during the first three novels of the series and breathed life into several of the characters those who have read the books have become familiar with.

I also finished Black Tide Rising, a collection of short stories set in John Ringos Black Tide Rising zombie series.

I also finished the final book in the Odd Thomas series called Saint Odd. It was bitter sweet, as the world Dean Koontz created for this character was very intriguing and a place I would love to visit again in the future, and of course it was the end of the series. I won’t spoil it for anyone who happens to be reading or planning on reading the books.

Odd Thomas is a truly loveable character and I will miss reading further adventures with him!

Finally I finished reading a novel set in Jonathan Maberry’s Rot and Ruin universe called Dark of Night. This one which he co-wrote with  Rachael Lavin, and it brings Joe Ledger full into the fold and explains what happened to officer Fox.

A must for fans of either Rot and Ruin or the Joe Ledger series!

Finally a book which I would recommend to anyone who, like me, grew up in the late 70’s and the 80’s. I read a novel called Ready Player One which is a dystopian novel set in 2044, in a world which is going to hell in a handbasket and people really have only one major way of escapism – into the net.

When the co-creator of the most massive and popular virtual reality world (which has changed the world) called Oasis dies, he set up an elaborate contest to challenge players to find three keys to unlock three gates which would lead to his Easter egg. The first one to successfully accomplish this would inherit his wealth and controlling interest in his company.

Talk about nostalgia! People my age will certainly get a kick out of this book!

Oh yeah… other than picking up the latest Looking for Group hardcover volume 8, The Least I could do Card game (including expansions) and a sweet piece of art, the Edmonton Expo held no real memories for me for yet another year.

And attendance was really down! If I am not mistaken, they had 50,000 last year but only topped 40,000 this year. I think two factors contributed to the drop – the crap economy we’re suffering through right now, and the really lack-luster lineup of celebrity guests.

It’s okay, supposedly our economy is finally on the upswing once again and we should recover, slowly but surely. So here’s hoping a year from now the expo will return to its former greatness!

Let me talk a little bit about Kickstarter. As my faithful readers know, I have supported quite a few over the past several months, and will continue to do so as time progresses. I finished several over the past couple of weeks, and now just have to wait for them to come to fruition.

Two which were successfully funded were called Fallen Land, and Dungeon Fantasy Role Playing game powered by Gurps. One is a board game, the other a boxed set. Both achieved their goals and I’m looking forward to getting them!

The two which I recently backed and I am waiting to see if one will be successful (the other was funded on its first day!) are: Apocalypse the Rising for Pathfinder and The End is Nigh (the one which is already successful!).

I love post-apocalyptic games and both look like a lot of fun, so I hope the second will achieve funding!

Oh yeah! Download and play Little Orc Wars – trust me, it’s fun! If you have ever tried the real-life version of the game, you’re going to love it!

Skirmisher also published another new product last week – the Brown Dragon for 5th edition! As I am always apt to say, pick it up!

Last night I did watch the series opener for Luke Cage, and yes it started out slow, but I’m pretty damn sure it’ll grow on me the same way Daredevil did! After all, Power man and Iron Fist was pretty much the first comic I read when I was a wee lad back in the 70’s, so I was already a fan.

It’s going to be great!

I could continue discussing politics and the shit-circus the election has become in the states, but you know… I just don’t care. I’m so damn glad I’m Canadian though!

And that’s it. I’m done for another week.

Election time is soon, but remember – Star Wars: Rogue One is only about 10 weeks away! That should keep you from worrying too much!