Monk Magic, 3D Projects, & Pathfinder Monsters

Chris Van Deelen

I have a little extra time at the moment so I figured I would get another blog out the door.

This week saw me working on the Monk Magic Items book, and as last week, I have posted a preview for the upcoming book. This week I previewed The Balm of Infernal Healing.

Next week, I’ll have quite a large preview for you to have a look at, as it covers 20 items in one category.

I’m still having issues with converting my OSR creatures to Pathfinder. The one thing holding me back at the moment is the possibility I will end up having to make even more changes to the entries once Starfinder is finally released.

I honestly don’t want to go back and re-write material for a third time.

Who knows what the Bestiary for the new system is going to look. Maybe mutants will be perfectly fine, but these creatures don't have to be mutants - they can be a myriad of creatures from Aliens to Uplifts (which many already are), to genetically engineered super-soldiers.

Decisions, decisions.

Going back to the monk book, I’ve asked a few questions on the Pathfinder Facebook group, and although it has been great for helping me figure out some things. It’s a great group if you need advice on Pathfinder, this is where you should go.

I’ve also been trying to get to work on the mystery novel, but I’ve managed to have lunch once over the past nearly 3 weeks.

Pretty hard to work on the novel in my spare time when you really don’t get any. And same goes with my short stories, which have been suffering as a result.

My wife and I watched Logan on Saturday. If you took your kids to see this and were shocked by the sheer amount of violence, gore and foul language, give your head a shake. This movie was not a kids movie by any means.

Massive body count throughout and without spoiling it – no one did it for me, the ending was exactly what I was expecting it to be.

If this is Hugh Jackman’s swan-song for Wolverine, then he really went out with a bang. Doubtless to me, it was his best portrayal of the character, bar none.

On a personal note, getting back into training Kung Fu has had exceptional benefits for me. I suffered a relapse with my back injury in September last year and as such I slowed down. The pain had gotten very bad near the end of December and it only continued to seem to get worse. After losing mom in January, I got back to training.

I needed to, as I was starting to put on weight, and had lost a lot of my endurance.

Here, nearly 3 months later, I am just about pain free. The injury in my upper back needed the exercise and instead of constant pain, I only get minor twinges once in a while.

Now if I could only do something about the pain in my right foot, but that is purely due to nerve damage from my diabetes.

Like I did last week, I’m letting you in on my 3D printer work. This week I finally got the rebel helmet sanded smooth and just added the first coat of primer to it. I’ll be adding more over the next day or so, and then the initial black coat will be added. If you want to see what it will look like, at least approximately, just check out the image feed for this blog.

Of course it won’t look exactly the same, but hopefully people will be impressed with the work.

Also in the image feed you will see I have finally gotten around to assembling the Motion Tracker. This is one giant model kit, and I have started the work on it. I just have to assemble several pieces a week (or at least a couple of times a week) and then I can get around to priming and painting.

As you can see from the image, it didn’t print out perfectly, so I will need to use filler on it in several places.

Hey, what do you expect? I am still a bloody armature when it comes to using this device!  Still, I’m marginally satisfied how the projects are turning out… except for the Chirrut Imwe props. I think I’m going to re-print at least one item, as they are simply too damn large.

Waste of material, but what the hell.

I finished two books last week. The first was Aliens Vs. Predator: Armageddon. This is the third and final book in the Rage war trilogy and as one would expect, everything finally has come to a head.

The Rage has pushed all the way to the Sol system, while having inflicted unbelievable damage and casualties along the road to the outer rim worlds. Several small bands are desperately attempting to stop the Rage before the human sphere falls under their and the Xenomorph they use as weapons.

With the help of the enigmatic predator aliens, who have allied themselves with the humans, they might, just might, stand a chance of turning the tide and saving the human sphere.

I did enjoy the entire trilogy and do recommend it.

The second novel I finished was Star Wars: A New Dawn. This is a novel about how Kanan and Hera met and ended up working together – which eventually lead to the Star Wars: Rebels animated series.

Kanan is trying to forget his past, taking on dangerous jobs flying explosive laiden cargo ships to and from a mining colony under the empire’s control. He lives hard and drinks hard, all trying to forget or at least soften the memories of his time as a padawan.

When the empire sends a certain count to oversee the mining project and ‘improve’ the output and efficiency, Hera gets involved and a smitten Kanan ends up doing the right thing and aids her in stopping the empire and this count before something catastrophic occurs.

A very good novel, although the count was way too overpowered for my liking.

And that’s it for this week.

Spring is literally only days away! I hope the weather where you happen to be reflects this.

Monk Magic, 3D projects, and Pathfinder monsters.