Jackie Chan Adventures Are Hair Raising with a Little Bit Hungry Tales Thrown In

Chris Van Deelen

A new week, another same old blog.

Let’s get right into it then! First topic on the agenda is updating my readers in regards to the Harvesting book. The rules continue to expand, and as I stated last week, I am, for the most part, pleased at how the tables for figuring out costs is turning out. Some of the costs seem a little low, others are about what I expected.

It’s still taking too damn long to finish, though. I’m barely through the Creatures of the Tropical Wastes section and I still have to go through the creatures from the main book.

While I’ve been working on this, I have had the chance to compile more notes for the mutation books. Or is it book? I don’t know any longer. It could be once massive volume, it could be three. I’m just going to update it and add a shitload of new material once the harvesting book, and the other source books, are finished.

Buck Who? Chapter 27 went up this week. I’m already a little more than halfway finished chapter 30. As I have said over the past few blogs, once this story arch has come to a satisfactory conclusion, I’ll end it and then get to work re-writing my two zombie novels and find an agent.

Two more critters were posted this week – the Roasters and the Sea Bunnies. As usual, tomorrow will see two new monstrosities posted for you to use against your players. Both were inspired by images posted on the Gamma World Online Facebook page.

Sorry to any of you who happened to like and read my top five list. I have put that aside for the time being.

Why did I do that? Well, I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned over the past few blogs how my life has been undergoing some changes. Not necessarily bad changes, but it has been happening none the less.

I’m not the kind of man who adapts all that well to changes when it comes to my life and as such it has been rather difficult at times to get motivated to work on anything.

Still, at least I haven’t given up on the source books, although they have been getting on my nerves. I am all excited to start a new source book and once I’m about halfway finished, I lose interest and want to start on something new.

A very bad habit – now combine that with my annoyance at the changes I am facing and it makes working on anything all that much more difficult!


Anyhow, I will continue to plug away at the source books and try to get at least one or two done in time for Comicpalooza next May!

So, as the title of this blog indicates, since last weekend I have re-discovered a 15 year old cartoon I used to watch with my son. The Jackie Chan Adventures on Netflix. I’m already finished the first season and I’m a couple of episodes into season 2.

Can you say great source material for a future issue of our old school ezine? Who knows, maybe I’ll write up some of the material instead for my Wisdom From the Wastelands. No matter what, just the first season alone with the magical talismans provided me with material for twelve magical (or technological) items.

We shall see what happens with the rest of the series. I was quite surprised to see the show lasted five years and had nearly 100 episodes.

One more thing…

I finished off two books this week. The first was Hair Raising: book three in the Dan Shambles Zombie PI series by Kevin J. Anderson. It was a lot of fun, as I have come to expect from this series. Someone is scalping werewolves in the quarter, while customers who are into body building are receiving sub-standard parts for their creations. Throw in an impending brawl between the Hairballs and the Monthly’s and Dan has his plate full with cases that need solving!

I also finished an anthology of Zombie-based short stories by Jonathan Maberry called Hungry Tales. This had a number of stories, including one set right after Fall of Night. All were entertaining, but my favorite had to be the last story set in feudal Japan. Very much worth your time to pick up and read.

As soon as I have finished watching season 2 of ‘Arrow’, I am planning on watching ‘The Last Ship’. I’ve been quite eager to see this series, ever since I saw it advertised back in 2014. Come on now, it’s right up there with the type of show I really enjoy! And after that, I’m going to track down and watch the series ‘Wayward Pines’.

That last show, I’ve heard a great deal about it, including the mind-blowing revelation that takes place about midway through the first season. After hearing about that, I not only want to get my hands on the DVD’s, but I also want to read the novels!

If you want to know more about it, search it up or check out the link I provided above. I won’t be responsible for spoilers. Well, most of the time.

By the way, someday I hope the powers that be with Wizards of the Coast AKA Hasbro will find it in their hearts to release all issues of the Polyhedron magazine as PDF’s, the way they did with the Dragon Magazine archive.

I really wish to obtain the Gamma World articles that appeared in that series of magazines to use as inspiration for my work.

So, here’s hoping!

And on that note, time for me to bring closure to this week’s blog.

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Until next Sunday – peace!