He Never Died While Watching Little Red Rotting Hood, but You Might - and More

Chris Van Deelen

Ugh the title should have read 'Little DEAD rotting hood'. If I change it, all the links will likewise need to be changed. Oops.

I still have a ways to go but I did finally get around to working on a project this week. In fact I finally got around to finishing the New Mutant Monday compilation I began when I was in the Philippines a few months back.

The changes were enacted, the book re-edited a second time, and sent off to Mike to add to the growing list of material I have sent his way.

It won’t be available for Comicpalooza this year, but here is hoping that won’t be the case for 2017!

Tomorrow I will be going back to try and finish the WftW weapon’s and tech book, as I am nearly finished with it, and it would be great if I could get it off to Mike by the end of the week. Of course I’m being wishful, but stranger things have happened.

And just because I can, I’m really going to change up my blog’s typical format this week. I like to keep my readers guessing. I don’t do this very often!

I finished a couple of TV shows this week, and figured I’d discuss them first. Season 3 of ‘The 100’ was not as good as season two in my humble opinion. I found the constant changing of allegiances and the back-stabbing was a little too much, although the second half of the season had a lot more tension. As I typically say, don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed it and needless to say I am very pleased to see it has been picked up for a 4th season. It’s pretty damn rare nowadays for a SF series to get past season one or two!

I also finished watching series one of Doctor Who, with Christopher Eccleston. A few of the episodes were just goofy, but a few were really well written and I did enjoy it! It’s funny how the Timelord always seems to find his way back to England, London to be specific, but hey it is a British series.

Growing up I watched probably twenty or thirty-odd episodes of the older Doctor Who series, and I never was much of a fan. I guess the biggest issue I had was the god-awful special effects, which I simply could not get past. New effects, same style of writing and acting, and it’s a combination that works for me.

I just hope that Netflix Canada doesn’t get rid of the show anytime soon!

This week saw Skirmisher publishing release the first of a trilogy of adventures for 5th edition entitled ‘Raiders of Pertalo’. It’s good to see new material being released from the company, even if it’s not mine. =)

Looking forward to seeing even more releases in the near future!

Also the boys had fun with their monthly RPG live podcast, where they played a SF-themed western called Rim Riders of Uranus.

Yeah… the name leaves a little to be desired, that is if you can get past laughing! As always they had a lot of fun and I do wish my Thursday’s were not tied up training and teaching Kung Fu so I could join in once in a while!

I did manage to watch a couple of movies this week, of which only one was really good. The other two… well, even watching them on Netflix is not worth the time to do so. The one movie I really enjoyed was called ‘He Never Died. It’s about a fallen angel. The actor, Henry Rollins, portrays him as a socially maladjusted - almost what I would call mentally handicapped man, who spends most of his time sleeping, eating vegetarian, ignoring people, and playing bingo.

Until his daughter is brought into the picture and he ends up dealing with gangsters, who quickly discover they messed with the wrong man. And the initial encounters with some of the gangsters was so off the wall and unexpected, I laughed out loud. Just the reactions of the gangsters in these initial encounters is worth the time to take and watch the movie!

It was funny, it was awkward, and there were a few scenes which were downright gory.

What a blast!

I HIGHLY recommend it, and plan on adding it to my DVD collection.

The other two… I am tempted to not even bring them up, but I will. The first was called ‘Little Dead Rotting Hood’ which is supposed to be a strange take on the classic tale. It involves werewolves, and a girl who inherits the strength and powers to fight and destroy the monsters. It is also a pretty dull slasher horror, with those who engage in sex getting torn apart.

Hey sounds like a cool concept, but it was so poorly executed. I can’t even use the movie as fodder for my conversions!

Avoid it.

Lastly I watched a movie called ‘Deep in the Darkness’. This is about a doctor who tires of living the hectic life in the big city and moves his family to a small town in order to start over. He quickly discovers the inhabitants act quite odd although his wife seems to fit in.

Soon he learns about a secret, one going back to the town’s founding, and his role in this secret.

Now this movie did have some potential, and it could have been a lot better, but it failed to produce. Unlike the movie I mentioned earlier, this one did spawn a conversion I will be writing up in the near future.

Speaking of conversions… I wrote up four from Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC. The Angler, Gulper, Hermit Crab and Fog Crawler. There are a couple of variations of the standard creatures appearing in this DLC which I am considering adding to the conversions to help me reach the 300 mark.

Oh and I also wrote up Beebop from TMNT. I called him the Bopper for this conversion.

Earlier this week I saw that Marvel decided to write a story in which Captain America has been a Hydra agent all along.

And of course fanboys screamed out in terror and or nerd-rage, flooding Facebook and other social media outlets.

My reaction?


I could care less. See… I don’t read the comic, although I am a huge fan of the movie version of the character because he embodies everything I believe in when it comes to morals and ethics.

And there is the fact I have seen this sort of crap numerous times over the years. How many times were Batman or Superman portrayed as villains over the years to sell comics, only to have it turn out they were ‘undercover’ or somehow controlled or something similar?

Way too many times to count.

Look up an article about all the times Superman came across as an asshole to see my point!

This was done to sell comics. Nerd rage be damned.

There was only one time in recent history where I did not bother seeing something because how badly the producer and director deviated from the original material and that was the recent remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I didn’t go all nerd-hulk over it, I just stated I was not impressed with the changes made in the origins of the characters and simply did not bother watching it.

However… I won’t lie… I am going to see the sequel. Seems Bay got it right this time, and it will appeal to those of us who watched the first TMNT cartoon back in the 80’s.

And while I’m at it, the second trailer for the reboot of Ghostbusters got it right! Now I am interested in seeing the movie. At least they took out the line at the very beginning which made it sound like it was a direct sequel.

And just because… here is an excellent rendition of Gozar the Gozarian.

You’re welcome.

As always I contributed two new creatures for New Mutant Monday series two… the Speedster and the Wiley. Both should be familiar to those who happen to be my age or older. And yes I have two more ready to post this coming Monday.

I picked up the latest Pathfinder Companion: Magical Tactics toolkit. This is going to sound bad, at least to some of my readers, but tis just more of the same. New spells, feats, magic items and a few changes to existing classes to add even more complexity to your game.

Well, I should be fair, more variation.

It is a great source for caster players as one would expect, and even if you don’t play that kind of character, it’s just another nice addition to your book collection, like it is to mine. I just wonder how many other books they can come up with before they run out of ideas?

Paizo did announce Starfinder for next year, which is going to be a SF version of the game, at least that’s the way it appears. More will be brought up over the next few months I suppose.

Lastly I would like to mention the latest novel I completed this week. It was called 'The Tide' and it is the first in a series of novels which is very similar to the zombie apocalypse genre, but using living men and women driven mad by a biological agent, and then mutated by the same said agent. 

A zombie apocalypse novel to be sure, but you know, it wasn't bad. I will continue to read the series.

And that’s it. Seems I’m back to the longer version of my blog.

I guess only two more after this and then I’ll be at Comicpalooza!

And on that note, have a great week!