Five books, a Humble Bundle, and That’s All

Chris Van Deelen

I skipped last week’s blog because I really didn’t have anything all that new to talk about. I mean I could have done the usual reviews and caught my few readers up on the usual stuff, but I just didn’t…. well, feel it!

I almost skipped this week as well, if you want the truth!

Who knows why I am feeling this way. I guess I’m getting pretty bored with the same old, same old. Sure I try to switch things up from time to time, but let’s face it… my blog really is pretty dull.

Also it could be the time of year, but I really have found it difficult to dredge up the willpower to do any work! I do believe a lot of it might have to do with the fact I’m on the road and rarely manage to get in my lunch, and by the time I get home, I have training to deal with three nights a week, and my Friday night game as well.

Oh and I am NOT suffering from writers block… I just don’t really know where to go with the novel I am writing at the moment! It’s not block, it is lack of motivation and direction! That really sucks balls too…

Anyhow – here are all the typical subjects you are used to seeing when I write my weekly blog. New Mutant Monday – four creatures from then past two weeks. The Strigiformes, Jackal Ghoul, Nars and Evechanelp.

Skirmisher also has published another new item this past week - 'Krampusnacht: Night of the Krampus!'

There wasn’t a D-infinity live blog this week, and looks like there won’t be any until mid-December. So if you are a fan of that, sorry folks! Then again I do believe Michael Varhola is off, out of the country until then, so that is probably why.

No movies to talk about, and I have been rather busy as of late to worry about finishing any TV shows. Hell still working on finishing off Walking Dead season 6!

I did finish five novels over the past two weeks.

First one was Apocalypse: Wasteland Chronicles by Kyle West. This really felt as if I was reading a novel set in Fallout – at least at the beginning. The main character is a young man of 16 living in a bunker, 108 to be specific – which is only one of four left out of 144 which had been set up to survive the end of the world.

A great asteroid named Ragnarok smashed into the Earth in 2030 and essentially threw the planet into a new ice-age. The lucky ones were able to get into the bunkers, while the vast majority were left on the surface to slowly die as the planet grew colder and colder.

After encountering a survivor from Bunker 114, they bring him back to their bunker only to discover he was infected with a deadly organism.

Soon the bunker falls to the organism and the young man is forced to leave and head into the wastelands.

Overall, it was actually pretty good, despite the similarities to Fallout. I would recommend it.

The second book was far, FAR worse. It was called The Purge: The Gates of Byzantium by Sam Sisavath

The concept and story are really good.

The problem is this - the author IS NOT Dean Koontz. See, it's okay to have humour and one liners... But not pretty much EVERY CHARACTER and EVERY BIT OF DIALOGUE!

And a post-apocalyptic setting should not have people smiling all the time.

Third, Rangers should be more adept and able to figure out distractions and decoys!

The author has a lot to learn.

Oh yeah - and there is the issue of Mofo usage and other cliche phrase like 'get a fucking room' used all the time!

I don't know if I can read the next in the series or not. I seriously don’t know if I could handle another book with the terrible dialogue. We shall see. If I do, don’t expect me to read it for at least several long months!

The third book I finished was Killfile by Christopher Farnsworth. This is all about a young man who happens to be a full telepath and is fully capable of reading another’s mind, as well as manipulating what that person sees, essentially really fucking them up! It was a good novel, with the titular character suddenly finding himself on the receiving end of a deadly hunt to destroy him.

Big mistake when dealing with a true telepath.

I hope Mr. Farnsworth will continue with this character as a series. Really enjoyed the book.

I finished Unrelenting: Kris Longknife book 13. The body count for the enemy in this novel was staggering. Very little in the way of character development, although something does happen to Kris which changes her life forever.

The enemy – well… they’re idiots, of that there is no doubt. I can’t say I was too impressed with the novel, and from the rumors I have heard, it almost appears as if book 14 might be wrapping up the series. Which is probably not a bad idea.

The final novel was called Discovery of the Saiph, by PP Corcoran. This is about humanity discovering a cache of information which helps us leap ahead by thousands of years technologically. Mankind discovers we are not alone in the universe and there is a deadly species called ‘the others’ who wiped the Saiph out. Humanity needs to learn to control the tech and make alliances with the other human-like races in order to prevent the others from destroying all life except their own.

I enjoyed it, and will continue with the novels.

The only other bit of news I have is there is only two days left to get a hell of a deal for 20 PDF titles, some of which I already own in hardcover.

It's called the Humble Bundle. Check it out and see what they are selling!

$25 bucks gets you about a grand worth of books, really worth buying, so better hurry as it’s no longer available in 2 days!

That’s it for me.

Have an awesome week folks!