Ex Machina and the Usual Updates

Chris Van Deelen

The last week of November. I am pleased to say that with only a couple of exceptions, I have had a blog posted every week for two full years now.

How odd that when I was asked to post a blog I was hesitant at first, wondering how I could manage to do so every week.

Well – as my long-term readers have discovered I have a formula, which with a few exceptions, has remained the same.

This week is no exception.

First I would like to announce that my epic Post-apocalyptic novel ‘Buck Who?’ is finished. Final word count is just over 395,000 words. For all intent and purpose, this novel is the equivalent of five full books!

I have only three more chapters to post, well it’s two more and the epilogue, but despite it being finished, I will be posting them as I have for the past year – once every Friday night.

Here is Chapter 45, so please keep reading, it’s nearly finished!

After this, I’ll write a few short stories and work on my two unpublished zombie novels. They need a re-write and then I will find an agent. After all, Jonathan Maberry suggested that I do so.

I’ve also finished several additional pages of material for the compiled Wisdom from the Wastelands weapons and tech book, so there is a lot of brand-new material for those who already own the various issues.

The New Mutant Monday continues, with the posting of these two interesting creatures on Monday – The chimera Ursoarach, and the demonic-looking fungus Agma Sonolag. Two more are ready for posting tomorrow, so stay tuned.

And I managed to write up a single conversion this week as well, one from a movie I mentioned a few blogs ago called ‘The Hybrid’. This one I called the Hybrid, Enigma. I should have written up more, but if you want the truth, Fallout 4 took up a lot more time than it should have.

Hey the upside is there are quite a few creatures in the game, including variants of several that I have already written up that I will eventually convert. And it is a beautiful source for new modifications. So it’s not all wasted time!

Due to Michael O. Varhola being in Ethiopia for a couple of weeks, there will not be a D-Infinity live podcast.

And that will also have an effect on new releases as well. Hopefully once he returns we will see a batch of new material go up for sale.

I have not finished any books this week, as I have decided to read one that has been sitting on my iPod for nearly a year. It’s a long one and hopefully by this time next Sunday I will be able to give it a proper review.

I did have a chance to watch one DVD with my wife. We decided to give a movie called Ex Machina a shot.

You know, I really enjoyed it! The movie was all about AI and just how human it can be, and how it can possibly manipulate and scheme to get its own way.

I can’t really go into much detail without spoiling it, but I enjoyed this movie immensely.

Does it have anything I could use game-wise? Not really, unless I start to convert robots.

Don’t go there. I have enough on my plate as it stands! I can’t begin another project. After all, I need to finally get around to writing that robot book to begin with. Well, not write, finish.

Thankfully I don’t have anything to rant about this week.

Oh and on a personal note, I was very pleased with a jacket I purchased online. For those of you who have seen the various trailers and TV spots for ‘The Force Awakens’, you might have seen the ex-storm trooper Finn wearing a nice leather jacket.

Turns out that it is available for sale. I purchased it from a company called Celebs Leather Jackets.

The price is excellent, and they offer free shipping to North America. HOWEVER they are not as fast as they claim in the site! If you add up the time they claim to make and ship the jackets, it should only be about 7 working days.

Uh- no.

Try five weeks.

It is very annoying, however I was quite impressed with the overall quality of the jacket, and will end up cosplaying as Finn (albeit a white Finn) for the premier. Hey, after all I have the black cargo pants, Black T-shirt and a blue Lightsaber!

And that is all for this week.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and did not put on too much weight Thursday!