Desktop Hero, Sharkasaurus Kickstarters, CC3+, and City of Mirrors

Chris Van Deelen

Another week has passed and I can’t think of anything witty to say for my opening line. No big deal.

This week saw the farming of over twenty books for additional inspiration for the mutation manuals. I now have six pages of tightly-packed notes to go through and see about adding to the various manuals.

A lot will involve new toxic weapon types, and even more will cover elemental type mutations, which are already covered in the books, but I can expand upon each quite drastically.

I also have a job interview tomorrow, so depending on how it goes, I could be working shortly, which means I will not have the time I’ve enjoyed to work on these projects.

Truth be told, that’s fine… I would rather be working anyhow, despite liking the vacation.

If I don’t get the job, then the Power Armor and Robot books are still on the table for completion.

This week I saw ‘Secret Life of Pets’. A solid meh. I really did not care for the characters, and the plot was predictable as hell. Also I only laughed a handful of times during the movie, and it’s pretty sad when the little 10 minute minions short at the beginning of the film was far more entertaining than the movie itself.

If you have younger kids, they might enjoy it, but if you want the truth, some of the scenes might be a little too intense. I think it’s more suited to a tween crowd.

So I finally managed to get Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus to install on my computer, as well as the City and Dungeon Designer. I printed out the manuals so I could start learning how to use all three. I even picked up the modern pack available for the program, but I haven’t installed it yet, and I don’t plan on doing so until I’ve had a chance to learn the basics when it comes to map creation.

I’ll keep you informed on how that is going over the next few weeks.

Over the past two weeks the world has been going insane over the Pokemon Go application. It’s one of those free to play, but you need to pay for various aspects of the game. It’s not one where you have to pay to win, just makes life a little easier for those who do play it.

I’ve seen a ton of posts where people are insulting others for playing the game or making fun of them for doing so.


I for one think the game is absolutely fucking brilliant! I love the fact it forces people to get off their asses and actually go outside in order to hunt down and collect Pokemon. I love the fact people are able to get exercise and see the out of doors while doing this. Of course the game can be played while you’re in a car, but only as long as you’re not a driver while playing! Please don’t do that.

Of course I fully expect the craze to drop off in a few weeks, and only a few hard core players will remain, but isn’t that always the case with a lot of games?

Still, it’s a brilliant idea and I am eager to see what sort of clones we’re going to see… how about a D&D style game? I’d rarely see the inside of my house if that sort of game ever came out!

And all the conspiracy theories behind the game? Well, whatever. If it’s true, it’s true and I honestly don’t give a rats ass.

People always have to find something to bitch about though, and that’s the way of the world.

Oh yeah, I discovered another pretty cool Kickstarter. This one is called DesktopHero: Free 3D-Printable Character Maker. The campaign has only three more days, but it is already funded and a couple of the stretch goals have been achieved.

I do believe it will be worth checking out, especially for those who plan on buying a 3D printer in the future, like I plan on doing.

After all, I would love to be able to make an actual mini out of the character Ronnath. And speaking of, the full color image is of Ronnath and Cheonsa, with him teaching his little girl how to use a bow.

Thanks, Alfonso! As always you have never failed to impress me or please me with your work.

Oh yeah, and another worthwhile Kickstarter… Sharkasaurus! It’s a comic, and if you love B-rate movies like I do, then this is one you should consider backing.

I guess it’s that time of the blog where I talk about the books I have read over the week. As I stated last week, I was listening to a LONG novel, 30 hours long to be exact. It is City of Mirrors, the third and final novel in the Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin.

The Twelve are dead. The virals haven’t been seen in years. The few remaining people on the continent are finally starting to get over their fears and are willing to venture forth into the wastes to start over again.

The problem is Zero, the first of the virals is still very much alive and he has plans for the few survivors.

It was a really good way to wrap up the trilogy and although it was a little heart-wrenching from time to time, I really enjoyed it. A great trilogy and you should consider buying and reading it.

Oh yeah! I forgot to add the links to my typical two New Mutant Monday creations. The first is based off one of Clint Staples Runequest Thursday entries The Dragodon Long. I called it Tall Croc. The other was an original of mine, based on an encounter I had Friday that week in our weekly Pathfinder game. I called it Memory Slime.

And there you have it folks. That’s it for another week.

Stay happy, stay safe and remember, winter weather is like 18 weeks away!