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Chris Van Deelen

Time for the usual update. If there is one positive aspect to being unemployed, it is the fact I’ve been able to put so much work into my projects over the past six weeks. I am pleased to announce I have finished with the first round of edits, cuts and additions to the three mutation books!

I might even make a forth, this one containing all the material I cut from the other three. I can easily add a hundred or more new mutations as well, as I am using my vast library of source books for inspiration.

However I could if I wanted to, send the three books to Michael Varhola tomorrow. I will refrain from doing so though.

I really believe I will be knuckling under and putting some serious effort into the Power Armor book and the Robot book. With the way things have been going, I bet I could finish both off before I finally get a new job!

If this happens, Michael will have his work cut out for him.

No new short stories, sorry to say, but once all these books are complete and have been sent to Michael, then I will be getting back into writing full time again. Truth be told I would much rather be working though.

Need to take advantage of the situation when you can.

I posted the usual two new creations last week for New Mutant Monday – the Storm Khans (inspired by one of Clint Staples creatures), and the Deep Burrower.

No new conversions, but I do believe I will write up a few more when I finally get around to editing and cutting the 300 creatures up into separate books based on the type of creature.

Again the fact I have managed to get so much work accomplished means I should have a LOT of books coming out through Skirmisher over the next year!

After that I will be getting into Pathfinder and 5th edition for my designs. The whole idea is to write material from which I can make better cash. Yes I’m being a capitalist here, but why not get paid for doing something I enjoy?

I started to read a very long novel, so the odds of me getting it finished by the time this blog rolled around was at best, slim. It’ll be reviewed next week for sure.

However I did watch a couple of movies this week. First I watched an action comedy called ‘Spy’ starring Melisa McCarthy. In a nutshell, a woman who is very mousey and awkward is one of the best ‘basement’ agents the CIA has. She helps with the suave agents in the field, making their lives so much easier.

Until one of the agents is killed in the line of duty and she has to step in to prevent a nuclear weapon from being sold on the black market.

The movie was so over the top, especially Jason Statham, and the lines were delivered with rapid fire and the brutality of a .50 caliber machine gun! Funny as hell, really enjoyed it.

Way back at the beginning of the year when I saw the first trailer for the reboot of Ghostbusters I did not care for it in the least. What really bugged me was talking about the original movie in the opening sequence, and then they promptly ignored that fact. I did not give a flying fuck about the movie and figured I would not bother seeing it.

After I saw the second trailer, my attitude changed. They removed the bit about the original team, and concentrated on the funny side.

So I went to see it yesterday with my wife.

There is no reason a person cannot love the original, and no reason they can’t love the remake. It was funny! I loved Chris Hemsworth’s character, although he had a minor role.

Lots of cameo’s, like Murray, Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigorney Weaver, Annie Potts and others I am sure I missed.

And Slimer.

For the record, it is perfectly fine for you to change your mind about something. You don’t have to be stuck in a single mindset for your entire life.

Change can be good for you.

I loved it! I would gladly see it again!

Finally the images I have used for this blog are from the young artist Alfonso Maesa. Do yourself a favor and hire him for your projects! I can’t state it enough how good this young man is!

The characters posted are Ronnath – the elf, Cheonsa – the young Tiefling girl. Both are from a series of short stories I have written and posted on the site. The full color images are of Declan – the cocky looking man, Tara – the tiger-striped woman, and Ra’naa – the scaled dragon-exotic woman. These three are from my epic novel ‘Buck Who?’

That’s it folks.

Have a great week and try not to let the chaos and hellish events taking place around the states get to you.