And Now for Something Completely Different …

Chris Van Deelen

It’s been at least a month since I last wrote a blog, and I really doubt anyone will have noticed! Then again I didn’t have anything of importance to say, so I figured people, the few who actually read by blog that is, were getting tired of the same old, same old.

What exactly is my same old?

Pretty straight forward. I speak about the work I did, if any, during the week. I talk about the various projects I’ve worked on and post links to anything I added to the site.

Then I would bring up and give brief reviews for movies or TV shows I might have viewed, and of course talk about the books I finished that week.

And of course I would go off on the occasional rant.

After over three years of this, even I got tired of the same old shit.

I honestly doubt I’ll go back to weekly blogs. Then again, those of you who have followed my blogs for any length of time will know firsthand how often I change my mind.

If it turns out I have something interesting to say, then I will see about blogging more often.

AS it turns out, the title (which some of you will recognize) of this blog is just that. I am doing something completely different now.

Last year I suggested to Michael Varhola about maybe doing an actual video blog. I had serious issues with my old computer which were preventing me from doing that.

Well I have a new computer, and I tried my first podcast earlier this week, where I unboxed one of the games I backed on Kickstarter.

It can be found here.

It is the beginning of something new for me.

Now a few of you might be wondering if I’ve done any work on anything at all. In a word… no.

Well, I guess I’m lying.

I started to tear apart the entertainment monsters file into different types of monsters – you know, Aberrations, Magical Beasts, Humanoids, Plants etc.

If and when, and it’s a big if and when I regain my creativity, I’ll have the first part of the job finished. The critters will be separated and it will make at least one part of my job, should I decide it’s worth my effort, easier.

When I left off on Wednesday, I ripped out all the creatures up to and including D. It was barely a dent in the file.

I’ll more than likely do the same for the New Mutant Monday creatures as well.

This might sound like a whine, so take it as you will.

Creativity is dead and gone.

I’ve attempted several times to be creative, and have had pretty much no luck. Christ on a crutch, I haven’t even written a single word in a story, or for that matter worked on the book I started back in November.

I really hope it will return, but I just can’t bring myself to being creative at the moment.

Could my burgeoning career as a writer and designer be over before it has really begun? That’ is a very distinct possibility!

Anyhow – I did post a couple of articles about 3D printing on the site this week. I posted the step by step procedure for my creating Poe Dameron’s Blaster, as well as Chirrut Imwe’s props for the costume I wore at the expo last month.

I read a mess of books over the past month, too many to bother writing any sort of review for, so if that is one part of my blog people liked… sorry! Maybe next time.

Movies? Yeah I watched quite a few over the past couple of months, but again, I’m not going to bother with reviews at this point in time.  I will list them off though – Fate of the Furious, Logan, Kong: Skull Island and Ghost in the Shell.

Yes I recommend all of them.

Shocking – I haven’t seen Guardians volume 2 yet. Well, it isn’t for lack of trying! Long, stupid story, so I won’t bother getting into it.

I mentioned it, and yes I did go to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment expo last month. Got my photo with John Cusack, Billy Dee Williams, Bob Morley, Jeremy Renner, Melissan O’Neil, and Roger Cross.

It was, overall, a good experience, although I am certain this is the last time I’ll ever purchase the celebrity fast pass.

Kind of sad I was not able to go to Comicpalooza this year, but who knows what the future holds.

At this time I have three travel destinations on my bucket list – oddly enough something I never thought I would make!

Star Wars Celebration, Dragoncon, and some massive anime – I don’t care what kind – in Tokyo.

I’m hoping to get to see at least one or more of those in the upcoming future.

And that’s it.

Until next time, stay happy folks.