Weekly Game Recap: Gnome Business

Brenda Cass

Inspired by Mike's own campaign report, I have decided to post a similar recap of my own weekly game sessions -- with a twist. This week we started an entirely new party of adventuring Gnomes on a quest to fix and clear out an ancient Theran weapons factory for profit!

This is the tale, as told by the last living monster encountered by the party.

Week 1: Goblin Mechanist

Something set off the trap above, in the factory, the sound of the bells attached to the trip wire echo all the way down the elevator shaft I live in. My cousin and I are some of the Goblins that protect the shaft tribe, and we are the first to climb up to the factory floor to discover what happened. The barricade is smashed, the trap wasn't set off by a rodent, this time there is an invader in my home. My cousin and I climb back down the elevator shaft, there is no time to lose, we reach and climb into the pair of old war machines that took my tribe so long to repair. These invaders will be quickly defeated by Goblin cleverness. We frantically operate the arms and legs of our war machines, climbing back up to the factory once more.

I see my foe for the first time, they are attracted to the sound my war machine makes. I feel rage, I feel fear, they are Gnomes. Equally clever to Goblins, they are my sworn enemy. One of them rides inside a war machine similar to my own, but it is new, freshly constructed from the components inside the factory, and the deranged eyes of its pilot make my heart sink. Another machine approaches, this one stands on its own, controlling itself. My cousin and I boldly charge our enemy, but I fall. The legs of my war machine are not responding to my control. I watch helplessly as my cousin does battle on his own until I can watch no longer. Something takes my sight from me, Gnomish trickery, and no blinking will clear the darkness from my eyes. I hear metal rending, I hear an explosion. When I can finally see again, my cousin's war machine has been turned into smoldering wreckage, and the gnomes are approaching me. I stand and fire the crossbow on my machine's arm, but the shaking of my hand causes it to miss. The construct, with its saw blade arm, approaches me. It feels nothing, and it will kill me. I try to smash it and do damage, but it is not stopped. A Gnome behind it winds up the gears inside its arm and causes the saw blade to spin. The construct saws through my war machine, and exposes me inside. \

I am vulnerable and do not have time to flee, a hammer finds me, there is an explosion, there is nothingness.

Week 2: Goblin Stalker

The Gnomes have been living in the factory for a week. I have been watching them from the darkness. They repair and clean the place, and they are building something. I watch the Gnomes push the bodies of my tribesmen down the elevator shaft. I will not die like they did, they did not love the shadows. The Gnomes will not see me.

The Gnomish construction takes shape, they are building a platform to fit in the shaft I live in, an elevator. I tell my tribe of this, and we create a cunning plan that will rid us of the Gnomes. As their elevator lowers past the tunnels of our homes, we throw bombs at them and they are injured. Good! My shadow loving brother and I lower ourselves silently onto the platform to finish them.

I watch them scramble to repair their elevator, and sneak up behind one of them. He is strange, a Gnome with no hair, and a tattoo on his scalp. I cut the side of his face, but he is fast and escapes further attack. As I continue to hide, one of the Gnomes uses an ancient Theran device to shoot an explosion at my brother, I watch him die. These Gnomes eyes are too sharp, the warrior sees me.

I am vulnerable and do not have time to flee, a hammer finds me, there is an explosion, there is nothingness.