Kickstarter Last Hours: City Builder

Brenda Cass

It has been very exciting to be part of the Kickstarter campaign for a "Platinum Edition" of Skirmisher Publishing’s City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities we have been running over the past month. 

I actually joined Skirmisher after City Builder was published, and so my first experience with the title was as a gamer and a fan. City Builder has always been my favorite book from Skirmisher, as a storyteller it was always my go-to resource for fleshing out my fantasy communities. While the rules to the games that I loved continued to change and evolve, City Builder remained consistently useful. My copy is heavily bookmarked, the spine is super creased, so I’m excited to finally get a printed City Builder in hard bound for the first time ever. Hopefully something that will help it stand up to my abuse! 

Skirmisher publishing has been in business for over a decade, we’ve published over 200 titles, and we’ve got a plan to see this one through too. When our current Kickstarter completes, backers will see their copies of City Builder Platinum Edition, and you’ll see it soon. The writing and editing on the original manuscript is done, the layouts are mocked up, and we’ve got the art all lined up to be drawn, all that's left is to write the text for our stretch goals (something that is already on the way!). 

With only eight hours left in the campaign this Kickstarter is more than 1,000% funded at $31,969, which means all fifteen of our stretch goal places have been unlocked and even a companion book that contains descriptions for specific places as outlined by City Builder

The platinum edition is the best of Skirmisher Publishing and I’m so excited to be able to present it to all of you. This is the treatment that City Builder has always deserved, so if you’ve never owned a copy, have it in pdf, or picked up an original back in 2008 I hope you’ll consider backing this kickstarter before time runs out and get some of our best work yet.