Ragnarok: Honey Heist!

Amanda Kahl


I haven't been in the GM's seat for a while on d-Infinity Live, so when my turn came up on our new actual play schedule I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. However, we'd had some recurring themes on a few of our recent live games: Vikings, bears, helmets (or a lack thereof.) So I decided to do something uh...interesting...and mash up "Honey Heist" with "Ragnarok: The Great Winter." 

A few thematic and mechanical tweaks that may or may not really work later and we have Ragnarok: Honey Heist! The game where you are a Viking that has been turned into a bear and must drink Enchanted Mead to return to your human form! The big question is: how did it go? You can judge for yourself by watching the session I ran for Mike and Clint, but I'd say it worked pretty well! It's a very simple setup that prioritizes roleplaying and creating absurd situations over hard crunch, but if the measure of a game's success is the amount of fun we had then it couldn't have gone much better. 

I've posted my working (ish) rules here for all to enjoy. However, if you'd like to play the real deal, you can find Grant Howitt's original Honey Heist on his website (also for free). And of course, here at d-Infinity.net is the best place to keep up with news about Ragnarok as it develops.