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The Tiniest Vampires

It struck me today that neither I, nor any storyteller of my acquaintance, has ever afflicted their players with bed bugs. For some reason, this seems to me to be a surprising oversight.

Give and Take

In an SRD-based system, non-magical healing is all about skill checks. Heal checks, Knowledge checks, and Craft: Alchemy checks form the basis of putting people back together when one doesn't have the benefit of the powers of the gods. Obviously, when someone's life depends on whether a healer applies the bandages correctly on the first try, it becomes important to succeed on those checks, and this begs the question: should a healer be allowed to take 20? 

Through Yonder Window Breaks

Light, like scent, is something we don’t necessarily think about all the time. What is there interesting about light that people might not always think about?

The Smell of Adventure

The sense of smell is probably a rather mixed blessing for an adventurer.

Getting Too Old For This ... Stuff

Why do adventurers retire? Few campaigns reach the point where characters proverbially hang up their swords and open taverns so this may be a question that a lot of people don't think about.  

With Friends Like These ...

While many sentient races care for their sick and try to prolong their lives, other races ... don't.