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The d-Infinity Independent Game Awards

The results are in! Meet your 2016 winners.Click here for the results.


New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Cross-Polinating the Family Tree

Nobody really knows quite what it means to say that two animals are different species.


Ezekiel's Connections

For much of 2012, I was in a campaign called The Devil Made Me Do It. The campaign used a lot of house rules, among them a variant rule for broken bones.


When I describe Dungeons & Dragons to non-gamers, I'm often asked what drugs I use. This is rather ironic, since I don't touch the stuff myself, but one could argue that role-playing games do have something of a mind-expanding and even hallucinogenic effect if they're done right.

Those Who Can't Do

The other day, I got into a surprisingly lengthy conversation with a colleague of mine as to how physicians got trained in the days before the sum of human knowledge was a few keystrokes away. 

The Evil Gene

What is "evil," medically speaking?

The Developing Adventurer

If you want to imagine how dangerous it is to be around adventurers, imagine yourself at age eighteen with the power to throw fireballs. Scary, right?