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Wasting Opportunities

If you live in a medieval sort of setting, where the average person knows very little about disease, the scariest thing in the world is probably sudden, unexplained weight loss.

The Changing Face of Madness

Modern medicine has traditionally had a very difficult time deciding, not merely what is normal, but who gets to decide what is normal.

Bite Marks

This past week, my D&D group found itself in battle with a monster made out of blood. We defeated it, though it drained more than the proverbial 75% of party resources. As the fight began, I found myself thinking that there was another way we could be dealing with this situation that, had the storyteller allowed it, could have ended the battle almost instantly. Bear with me for a moment and you'll see where I'm going.

The Jaws That Bite

Yesterday, relative to when I'm writing this if not to when you're reading it, I GMed a zombie-themed game for my usual group of players. The players in this particular group are all exceptionally intelligent, very clever people who each have a vast knowledge of popular culture in general and zombie movies in particular, so this was a challenge they were ready to meet. Understandably, the bulk of their preparations focused on one objective: how not to get bitten.

Cross-Polinating the Family Tree

Nobody really knows quite what it means to say that two animals are different species.


Ezekiel's Connections

For much of 2012, I was in a campaign called The Devil Made Me Do It. The campaign used a lot of house rules, among them a variant rule for broken bones.