Today I became a hero. Ok, not a hero, but I made some friends among the Hoplites. As I approached the edge of my valley, I heard the battle horn of my people. Of course, I rushed forth to help and found a Myrmidon squad surrounded by goblins. My Myrmidon brothers were trapped in the wreckage of the building I had accidentally burned down the day before. Three goblins were on the roof to the south and three more goblins were on the roof to the north. Before me, between myself and the Hoplites were three goblins firing arrows.

Play Test 2/12/2018

Returning back to the submerged village seemed like a good idea. What loot could possibly be there? What heroics could I possibly bring tales back to my village about? So, in high spirits I returned to the village. On the way I found a rare herb called Mallow. Wandering around the village I found a boat tethered to a house. It looked like someone had tied up the boat and entered the house. I heard nothing, so I called out and got no answer in return.

Actor is a Druid Myrmidon. Myrmidons are a race of people who began their existence as ants, but through the grace of Zeus became a human-like species. They have natural armor and are a bit stronger and hardier that true humans. Actor grew up in the Myrmidon settlement of Frourio Myrmidon on the island of Kos and is a member of the Dolichoder clan. His adventuring career began not far from home in a flooded ravine where he immediately got in over his head.


Day One