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The d-Infinity Independent Game Awards

The results are in! Meet your 2016 winners.Click here for the results.


New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Sailing Around Arabia

As I write this, I am traveling northwest in rough seas through the Red Sea aboard Celebrity Constellation, which I signed on to a week ago as Special Interest Speaker.

SoI Development Journal: Monsters Big and Small

Mike and I have begun generating the content that is going to go into the Swords of Kos RPG, using my Swords of Infinity rules engine, and during this process I've found some gaps that needed addressing.

Cross-Polinating the Family Tree

Nobody really knows quite what it means to say that two animals are different species.


Never Bring a Knife to a Spear Fight

If you have experienced any medieval recreation, or trained with any martial arts weapons, you will likely enjoy this, but if you have not, hopefully we will demystify some of what some fantasy entertainment and a lot of Hollywood has led us to believe. This is a useful discussion for nearly any fantasy role playing game that needs a more realistic edge – no pun intended here.

An Index of Runequest Articles

Just what it says. From here you can get to any of the articles I have written on Runequest for d-Infinity:

I also have a Pinterest page for all my Runequest Thursdays which I will update as they come out. Click the link below if you would rather browse that way.

 Runequest Thursday Pinterest Page


Ezekiel's Connections

For much of 2012, I was in a campaign called The Devil Made Me Do It. The campaign used a lot of house rules, among them a variant rule for broken bones.