If you have never heard of the Viking period game called Hneftafl, you are in for a treat. If you have heard of it, or even played it, you're in for one anyway, because this might get you back around the board, saving or dooming the king, drinking mead by the fire as the dogs worry a bone in the rushes at your feet.

One of the points we talked about last night on the Unusual Creatures show was that the creatures need to suit the setting. Throwing an allosaurus into a normal fantasy game feels odd, and not the good odd of an Oddity. It just feel kinda wrong, unless there is a reason for the allosaurus being there.

I sometimes wonder how many thousands of murdered goblins can be blamed on adventurers becoming violent while suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

Oddities are real!

Let me back up.

By now, it should come as no surprise ot anyone who has read Runequest Thursday, that I love The Fantasy Trip! I have used Advanced Wizardry several times in the past as inspiration for new Sorcery spells for my own system.

One of the real disappointments of having a Heal skill in most games is that it lets us be lazy.