If you have never heard of the Viking period game called Hneftafl, you are in for a treat. If you have heard of it, or even played it, you're in for one anyway, because this might get you back around the board, saving or dooming the king, drinking mead by the fire as the dogs worry a bone in the rushes at your feet.

Join me as I draw up some rough notes for a disease never before covered in any role-playing game sourcebook to my knowledge: Lyme disease.

I want to give players the opportunity to have androids that can create artifacts. They would be some of the very few surviving forging androids or robots, the ones that keep producing advanced technology. Here are some ideas:
The machines must give up two of their three free mutations at character creation. It would be a good idea to take Quick Mind or a similar mutation that increases technology roll attempts with the remaining mutation.
Recently I purchased Advanced Arcana VIII, a collection of Pathfinder spells that include some within three themes. One of them is Mental Hit Points, an alternative method of resisting attacks against the mind that are not pass/fail like saving throws (though many still include saves). I like the idea so much I am going to use it to replace the mental attack table on page 55 in Mutant Future. 

The current research in psychology suggests that there are three types of heroes in the world. Any gamer will tell you that this seems like an under-estimation, but what the heck, isn't it nice to know somebody's getting paid to think about this sort of thing?

Ever wonder why there are so many heroes out there in fantasy? It's because they're breeding.