If you have never heard of the Viking period game called Hneftafl, you are in for a treat. If you have heard of it, or even played it, you're in for one anyway, because this might get you back around the board, saving or dooming the king, drinking mead by the fire as the dogs worry a bone in the rushes at your feet.

Let me tell you a bit about King Edward of Portugal, and then I'll explain a bit about how he might impact your fantasy campaign.

The idea of tinkering or modifying magic items has interested me for a few years now, but the mechanics has eluded me until now. Here are three different ways that you might include the idea in your campaigns. Keep in mind that tinkering requires tools of some sort, not just some mumbling and hand waving. And though I use an hour for the tinkering time (to make it somewhat compatible with 5e), it really is up to the DM in how long it should take.

I've dedicated a lot of space in the past to discussing vitamin C, vitamin D, and protein-energy, and here's another vital nutrient: iron.

Illness in children is something that most people find particularly horrible.