d∞ Oddities for a Thieves Guild

William T. Thrasher
Rousing goings on in at the Guild Hall.

By hook and by crook, the d∞ team presents an ever growing, ever evolving table of random oddities to liven up the thieves guild in your campaign!

Your fantasy campaign just isn't complete without a Thieves Guild! Where else can you find such an eclectic collection rogues, scum, antagonists, and unlikely allies to challenge your heroes? Any proper Thieves Guild has a long and storied history - even if most of that history is falsified to throw off the authorities and separate dull witted cutpurses from the cunning master thieves - and a collection of strange curios and abnormal treasures bespeaking the prowess of established members. With that in mind, the unscrupulous coin-catchers at d∞ present a next collection of oddities to bring life, atmosphere, and a few adventure hooks to the thieves guild in your campaign!

  1. The granite bust of a jowly man with stern features. A plaque under the bust reads "Our Founder". The bust's eyes are set with glittering jewels of incalculable wealth. The bust is both cursed and boobytrapped, though anyone who can steal the jeweled eyes and survive hidden deterrents will earn quick promotion in the Guild.
  2. A hidden, locked door leading to the real Thieves Guild.
  3. A door, complete with door frame, standing up in the middle of the room. Locks of every type are set into the door, allowing thieves ample opportunity to practice.
  4. A jar containing the pickled hand of a thief who ran afoul of a local noble's harsh justice.
  5. An unattended jug of wine. The wine is laced with a powerful sleeping potion. Anyone foolish enough to drink from the wine in the guild hall will have their possessions stolen and face the derisive laughter of the rest of the guild.
  6. The parts of a complex trap. Equal chance each of the trap being broken, incomplete, or disasembled.
  7. A gibbet containing a guard. Equal chance each of the guard being dead, starving, insane, or a guild member in disguise.
  8. A book on the subject of stealth entitled To Walk in Shadow. Hidden in the illustrated plates is a complex occult formula, a spell written in code. Anyone who deciphers and casts the spell falls into their own shadow, never to be seen again.
  9. A sculpture of a duelist made from bent and twined lockpicks.
  10. A small shrine to the local God of Thieves.

That's all for now. Check back again so see how this list of oddities expands, check out past entries in this series such as Oddities for a Sewer System and Oddities On a Wizard's Bookshelfand add your own oddities in the comments.